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Equipment - SUB-VBR™ Vertebrae Bend Restrictors
Equipment - SUB-VBR™ Vertebrae Bend Restrictors

Project Summary
Subsea Energy Solutions is delighted to confirm we have once again provided our bespoke SUB-VBR Vertebrae Bend Restrictors successfully to client specification.

Solution Details
Steve Nichols, Production Manager at SES, is delighted on the completion of yet another swift and faultless project from his production team. He highlighted the effectiveness of having a close supplier/client relationship which ultimately resulted in quick and efficient production. We look forward to continue working with this client in the near future.

This job was under strict specification due to minimal tolerance, however our ability to provide effective and quick offshore Oil & Gas solutions is what we constantly drive towards, therefore it was no surprise to our team when this project was executed successfully, on time and to the customer's exact requirements.

Further details on Subsea Energy Solutions Vertebrae Bend Restrictors capabilities and past projects can be found on our website or discussed by emailing