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Subsea Energy Solutions Supports Volunteers For Peace
Subsea Energy Solutions Supports Volunteers For Peace

Volunteers For Peace is a charity setup around helping young enthusiastic individuals travel to developing and 3rd world countries to help build infrastructure and community facilities. 

We helped volunteer James Mcalpin travel to Hanoi, Vietnam, upon which he engaged in a community project within a rural village, helping develop a kindergarden for the local children to attend. 

James helped in equipping the school with a modern kitchen along with the building of a sanitary block for the children and a full modernisation of the facility. The work will ensured children from local villages can attain an education in a modern and safe environment, along with providing somewhere for them to play and have fun. 

We are delighted we could help James in what has been a fantastic piece of work for the children and from all the team at Subsea Energy Solutions, would like to congratulate him on his efforts and help offered. 

We only wish we had given him some slightly smaller t-shirts for the children, who knows though, we may set a new fashion trend out there!





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