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SES Recognition Award
SES Recognition Award

Subsea Energy Solutions congratulate Duncan McDonald for winning the Subsea Energy Solutions employee recognition award for Q3 / 2015.

Duncan was awarded a half hour Helicopter Flying Lesson (£ 300 GBP) run by Multiflight Flight Training Centre at Leeds Bradford International Airport.

The helicopter lesson included a pre-flight ground briefing and a half hour of flying time.

Duncan was encouraged to take the controls and experience the thrills of flying a two seater sports helicopter.

A truly fabulous experience for all his hard work, dedication and commitment to Subsea Energy Solutions.

All competition nominees (and non-nominees) were entertained with a works lunchtime BBQ and presented with a case of light refreshment for their recognised hard work, dedication and commitment to Subsea Energy Solutions.

Again, congratulations to Duncan McDonald on a prize very well deserved.

Together, we operate as one team, with one goal.



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