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Delivery of Emergency Quick Disconnect Manifold Skid System
Delivery of Emergency Quick Disconnect Manifold Skid System

Subsea Energy Solutions have completed delivery of an Emergency Quick Disconnect (EQD) Manifold Skid System to an UK Oil & Gas Field in the North Sea.

Subsea Energy Solutions team performed the design, fabrication, load testing, pressure testing and full project management, to delivery another project on time, on budget and a clients exacting requirements.

The EQD Manifold Skid System is design to DNV 2-7-3 2011, Offshore Portable Units and is available for rental.

Technical Specification

Load Tested : 15.0 Te
Pressure Tested : 1,035 Bar / 15,000 PSI
EQD Skid Weight : 3.0 Te
EQD Skid Ballast Weight : 4.0 Te
Hydraulic System : 50.8 mm / 2.0”

Again, congratulations to all Subsea Energy Solutions team on very well executed project.

Together, we operate as one team, with one goal.




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