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Subsea Energy Solutions - European Oil & Gas Buyers
Subsea Energy Solutions - European Oil & Gas Buyers


Subsea Energy Solutions (UK) based in the North East Of England has gained a ‘shop window’ with companies in the oil and gas sector by joining Achilles FPAL - an online community which is used by over 90 buyers from oil and gas companies.

Subsea Energy Solutions (UK), which employees 20 staff and provides design, manufacture, testing and supply of offshore equipment, will now be able to share on an online platform it's capabilities and performance record in key business areas, such as quality, health and safety and financial performance.

Achilles works to ensure suppliers information is accurate via data validation and desktop and physical audits. The Achilles FPAL community serves the procurement needs of the wider European oil & gas market, whilst maintaining firm roots within North Sea operations. Achilles FPAL is an industry-run community of operators, contractors and suppliers working in collaboration to promote a fair and transparent supply chain.

The spokesman for Subsea Energy Solutions (UK), Philip A.R Stanyon, Sales Director was quoted to say ;

“we are incredibly proud to have achieved this milestone in the companies ongoing development. Subsea Energy Solutions (UK) is fully committed to continuous development and continues to grow year on year. Subsea Energy Solutions are extremely proud to service the global industries of Oil & Gas, Offshore Wind, Wave & Tidal Energy and services the Ministry Of Defence (MoD). We are now an FPAL Registered and ISO 9001 : 2015 certified company and are working resolutely towards the requirements of ISO 14001 : 2015 (ISO 45001) & OHSAS 18001 which means that clients can be assured of our commitment to high quality products and services. Our unique “one-stop-shop” provides project management, innovative design, in-house manufacturing, equipment assembly, load & pressure testing and onshore / offshore commissioning. Subsea Energy Solutions in-house services include polyurethane and buoyancy processing, machining and fabrication (coded welders NORSOK M-101), load and pressure testing services, onshore and offshore commissioning, combined with ongoing servicing and maintenance programmes. Our senior management together hold over 100 years of experience within the oil & gas and renewable energy sectors and our dynamic, innovative, flexible and fast paced team endeavour to meet any project and schedule demands by drawing upon the wide range of in-house experience and in-house services. Our mission is to consistently deliver on schedule and on budget, allowing us to meet and exceed clients ever increasing expectations by providing an unrivalled service and purchasing experience. At Subsea Energy Solutions, service and quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort.”

Malcolm Wilson, Director for Achilles FPAL, said: “By joining the biggest supply chain risk management community supporting the North Sea and European oil and gas industry, Subsea Energy Solutions (UK), has put itself in the best position to be considered for work with major oil and gas buyers. Achilles FPAL is a simple and successful model which has operated since 1997 by streamlining procurement and reducing cost for suppliers and buyers. It provides a vital shop window for suppliers that can offer innovative technology or services at a time when there is great focus on value and efficiency. Achilles FPAL also has a unique two way Performance Feedback feature that allows suppliers to give and receive feedback so that high performing suppliers can demonstrate their track record to customers”.

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About Achilles :

  • Achilles is one of the world’s largest service providers of global supply chain risk management solutions with more than 1,000 people working in 22 countries.

  • We work on behalf of over 860 buying organisations, from 9 industry sectors, to collect, validate and maintain essential data about more than 133,000 suppliers. This allows buying organisations to gain visibility of their suppliers’ capabilities and compliance before making important sourcing decisions. With an understanding of their supply chains, buying organisations can proactively identify and mitigate potential risks to protect people, planet and profit.

  • We operate unique supply chain communities where steering groups, comprising leading buyers from each industry, work collaboratively to agree the common standards suppliers need to meet in order to be eligible to do business with them.

  • With one, standardised approach per industry, buying organisations can raise standards consistently in any geographic location in which they operate, and easily connect with credible and qualified suppliers worldwide. Suppliers gain a dedicated ‘shop window’ where they can promote their services to some of the biggest buying organisations in the world. They also gain a clear understanding of the steps they must take in order to qualify for work.

  • Our solutions enable businesses to make informed, strategic decisions to minimise cost and turn common industry challenges into sources of competitive advantage.

    Media Contact, Laura Phimister, Head of Marketing UKI for Achilles, 




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