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Equipment - SUB-CLAMP-SWIVEL™ - Swivel Tether Clamp
Equipment - SUB-CLAMP-SWIVEL™ - Swivel Tether Clamp

Project Challenge
Subsea Energy Solutions were requested to provide a tether clamp which allowed for the project cable to be anchored to the sea bed, whilst also accommodating a buoyancy unit to lift the cable therefore elevating the cable from the sea bed at a set distance. The equipment also had to accommodate for movement of the buoyancy unit due to tide whilst maintaining a vertical alignment to the tether chain below.

Project Solution
Subsea Energy Solutions provided a solution that met all the project requirements. It consisted of a standard Subsea Energy Solutions friction clamp with the addition of a low friction swivel padeye in the centre of the component.

To protect cable from over bending, SES provided our SUBFLEX™ vertebrae bend restrictors on either side to deal with the scenario and subsequent loads expected.

The design of the clamp included Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and SES proven design calculations. The clamp was fully tested and the swivel padeye section endured a proof load of 25 Te.

Project Outcome
Subsea Energy Solutions delivered the equipment to the client within a 5 week lead time and supported the client with a system integration trial in an onshore scenario. Client was fully satisfied with the equipment and service provided by Subsea Energy Solutions.