SUB-BUOY™ Offshore / Subsea Buoyancy Modules

Product Overview

Our offshore and subsea buoyancy products utilise advanced manufacturing techniques delivering best in class buoyancy products suitable and specifically tailored for all deep water uses. Our buoyancy systems are cast using dedicated mould tooling, allowing for repeatable and consistent construction, lending themselves to a number of offshore applications including; ROV buoyancy, umbilical and riser buoyancy, mid water arches and other deep water subsea buoyancy products.

Product Images
  • Syntactic Foam Buoyancy
  • Syntactic Foam Buoyancy
  • Syntactic Foam Buoyancy
  • Syntactic Foam Buoyancy
  • Syntactic Foam Buoyancy
  • Syntactic Foam Buoyancy
  • Syntactic Foam Buoyancy
  • Syntactic Foam Buoyancy
Technical Specifications
Description Specification
Buoyancy Depths Syntactic to Specialist
Design Life 25 Years
Material Subthane™
Fasteners Super Duplex UNS S32760
Primary Colour Yellow
  • Depth ratings of unto 9,000 meters
  • Bespoke and modular construction
Buckling Mitigation Buoyancy

Throughout the lifespan of a subsea pipeline there is a potential the pipe may become detached or move from the original installed position on the seabed. As a result, the integrity and lifespan of the pipeline can be drastically reduced due to the high forces of compression and bending moments apparent at the point of movement, this as a result of the increased stress can cause the pipe to buckle and potentially fail. By attaching specifically designed subsea buoyancy modules to the pipeline it is possible to influence the overall movement of the pipeline and subsequently eliminate the occurrence of any buckling.

Distributed Subsea Buoyancy Modules

Our distributed subsea buoyancy modules are designed for use typically between a subsea structure and a surface vessel or platform. The modules configuration is designed to reduce top tension loads upon the pipeline. Our best in class distributed subsea buoyancy modules can be fitted at any point along the pipeline utilising our subsea buoyancy clamping solutions, allowing for fast and efficient offshore installation.

Midwater Arches

Designed specifically to support pipelines and control lines between the the seabed and surface structures, our midwater arches form an integral component to an overall subsea arch system in which umbilicals, dynamic risers or cables are configured into a wave form geometry in their transition from seabed to surface.

Riser Buoyancy Modules

Extending from the well head BOP to the drilling vessel, the subsea drilling riser provides a mechanism or conduit for delivering drilling fluid, communications and the associated drilling tools for application within the subsea well. In order to maintain an equal or neutral weight of the riser whilst submerged, our riser subsea buoyancy modules are fitted along the length of the riser assembly, thus preventing stress within the riser and reducing top side loading and tension during its use and associated recovery.

ROV Buoyancy

Utilising composite syntactic foam or pure foam construction, Subsea Energy Solutions can manufacture custom subsea buoyancy modules for use with ROV / AUV vehicles. Our modules are built to the specific application requirements of the vehicle with a number of further ROV projects undertaken providing additional subsea buoyancy modules in order to further stabilise vehicles during their use where 3rd party buoyancy units already fitted to the vehicles have been of poor performance.

Subsea Buoyancy Module Repair

Subsea Energy Solutions offer a comprehensive repair and refurbishment service of damaged or used subsea buoyancy modules. Our skilled refurbisment technicians are able to facilitate the repair of full breaks within the module or the replacment of missing sections, ensuring you gain the maximum usage from your subsea buoyancy assets thus further extending their lifespan.







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