J-Tubeless Seals

Product Overview

Suitable for terminations where a J-tube is not present, our J-tubeless sealing solutions provide a watertight seal directly between the pile-hole and the umbilical / riser. Using our patented SUBFLEX™ termination technology, our J-tubeless seals provide diver-less installation with activation taking place during the pull in process.

Product Images
  • J-Tubeless Seals
  • J-Tubeless Seals
  • J-Tubeless Seals
Technical Specifications
Description Specification
Sealing Forces To Suit Project
Design Life 25 Years
Cable Size (mm) 90 - 300
Material Subthane™ 801 / 803
Fasteners Super Duplex UNS S32760
Primary Colour Yellow
  • Diver-less installation
  • Watertight sealing solution
  • Modular construction for ease of assembly

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