BRI Offshore

Project Challenge

Subsea Energy Solutions were informed by BRI Offshore Norway that they had an immediate requirement for some very complexed Buoyancy units.

Subsea Energy Solutions project challenges were as follows;

  1. Manufacture Complexed Buoyancy units for BRI complete with Bolt up attachment
  2. Accommodate the Special Strength requirements
  3. Delivery to Norway within 3 weeks
Project Solution

Subsea Energy Solutions set to work producing prototype drawing changes for approval by all parties concerned.

Upon receipt of approval a 2 week project schedule remained for manufacture and delivery.

Subsea Energy Solutions were contracted to provide the following equipment;

  1. Supply of Prototype Module for BRI Crawler system.
Project Outcome

All equipment and accompanying documentation were delivered to Norway ready for trials on the date required by client.

Subsea Energy Solutions received full product sign off on all components manufactured and understand the equipment was fitted and trials a success.

The ultimate objective of the operation was to ensure the Crawler Unit remained Buoyant in the event of Equipment failure.