Product Design

Design Innovation Through Experience


The heart of our engineering expertise, consistently delivering on client demands for measurable continuous improvement and practical innovations. Employing some of the best talent within the industry, our design engineers invent, develop and apply, adding value at every stage.

Our Design Centre can accept the most primitive of concepts and engineer these through testing products, benchmarking products and completing products, and producing software models, data and engineering calculations and drawings at a far higher speed than traditional models allow, rapidly turning concepts into functional engineering.



Concept Generation

By clarifying and deconstructing the requirements, we allow ourselves time to think and challenge existing ways during this phase of the design process. Concept generation is a time where we perform the product research, where required suggest alternatives or improvements and be more creative in introducing new ideas. This formative and creative phase is where we collaborate and conduct "brainstorming" sessions to work through all ideas. The design team will talk through ideas, sketch or use CAD to realise the concepts, bringing about a product model to move forward with into detailed design

Detailed Design

Working with our initial concept designs or specifications provided, our design engineers will employ solid modelling techniques, allowing for further design and engineering of the product. Utilising state of the art industry standard software we will develop detailed 3D modelling of the products to be created, exploring material science in relation to the specified product parameters, any specific stress or environmental conditions to which the product must withstand, providing detailed assembly modelling and the associated manufacturing processes of any component parts. During this phase we ensure any product imperfections or shortfalls are refined and tested to the clients specification, delivering full documentation manufacturing instructions and diagrams, allowing for an efficient and precise product creation.

Specialist Services

As a further addition to our standard product documentation, 3D modelling services and schematic production, we can provide detailed 3D animations and simulations of the products developed. Our design engineers can provide media suitable for deployment and installation training of the associated products, marketing and virtual demonstration of the products developed or in use simulations outlining product use as a means of demonstration and refinement.