Advanced Surface Protection

Specialised In Durable Corrosion Encapsulation & Heat Insulation Coatings

With extensive experience in providing corrosion, heat and fire resistant coating products, offering exceptional performance characteristics that are proven to be unparalleled in the industry. Subsea Energy Solutions, partnered with Superior Products Europe are proud to offer our range of high technology coatings that insulate, protect, and preserve almost any surface. As a service provider to a wide range of industries, we are dedicated to offering long-term reliable solutions for your specific needs, while aiming to protect and preserve the environment for future generations.

Super Therm®

Unlike traditional insulation materials, which slow down the transfer of conductive heat, SUPER THERM is designed to block the initial heat load by reflecting 95% of the sun’s energy away from the surface before it can physically be absorbed. SUPER THERM simply does not “accept” the heat as its highly-advanced combination of ceramic particles do not have the required density to absorb and hold the heat. With its unique combination of ceramic compounds SUPER THERM has proven to be the most effective, long-lasting ceramic insulation available on the market today. SUPER THERM is a water-borne insulating coating that is specifically designed to block heat-load, moisture-penetration, and air-infiltration on virtually any type of surface.

Rust Grip®
A liquid reinforcement coating designed to seal air, moisture and chemicals out of surfaces completely. Rust Grip is a tough, one-part, moisture-cure polyurethane coating that absorbs atmospheric moisture to cure. Upon curing, it provides a protective coating film of superior adhesion and flexibility that is resistant to abrasion and impact, and is also resistant to chemical solvents and acid splash. Rust Grip can be applied over pressure-washed, completely dry flash rust and firmly bonded commercial paints. In most cases, a white or near-white blasting is not required. A light to medium surface rust is preferred as the profile.
Moist Metal Grip®

Moist Metal Grip is a single-coat solution designed to provide a water-resistant, anti-corrosion coating for wet or submerged surfaces as well as protect metal surfaces already experiencing moisture or condensation that cannot be stopped and dried. It can be used directly on wet or damp metal surfaces and maintains excellent adhesion to prevent further surface corrosion and is a water repelling epoxy for use under water or in areas where constant splashing or condensation is a problem. Moist Metal Grip is a polyamide formula base making it even safe for potable water uses and is resistant to chemicals and solvents. It is designed to be applied directly to concrete, masonry and wood using a roller or brush.


Hot Pipe Coating is designed to control heat transfer on surface temperatures up to 370°C. It is waterborne and extremely lightweight in appearance. Hot Pipe Coating offers a “Green”, non-flammable, non-toxic formula for high temperature surface applications. Hot Pipe Coating's unique blend of eight ceramic compounds create a barrier to catch and hold heat on the surface of the unit (e.g. pipe, furnace surface, boiler, etc.) Unlike wraps that use air as the insulation component, the ceramic compounds in Hot Pipe Coating resist the absorption of heat trying to come off the surface. Hot Pipe Coating traps and holds the heat onto the surface for more effective insulation performance.

Hot Surface Coating™

Hot Surface Coating is a ceramic based, water-borne insulator designed to insulate in medium temperature situations. Hot Surface Coating can be used as a base coat/primer or it can be built up layers for additional protection. Hot Surface Coating is specifically engineered to control hot surface temperatures up to 177 °C. The Hot Surface Coating insulation method is very different to the traditional “wrap” insulation materials that only slow down the loss of heat (known as an R-rating or “heat transfer”). The seven ceramic compounds in the Hot Surface Coating create a barrier to catch and hold heat on the surface of the unit, e.g. pipe, furnace surface, boiler, etc. Unlike wraps that use air as the insulation component, the ceramic compounds in the Hot Surface Coating resist absorbing heat trying to come off the surface to escape. This traps and holds the heat onto the surface for more effective insulation performance.

Enamo Grip

Enamo Grip is an enamel protective coating to be used as a top coat for almost any surface in even the toughest environments. Enamo Grip will demonstrate unsurpassed semi-gloss retention, colour-retention, graffiti-resistance, and chalk resistance, when utilized for exterior coating situations, and will provide outstanding resistance to water and humidity, stains, chemicals, and solvents, as well as tremendous scuff-, mar-, and impact-resistance. Enamo Grip is a tough, moisture curing, two-component polyurethane enamel, which produces a uniquely hard and durable coating film. The formula of resins will self-level into a beautiful, evenly spread, gloss finish (no brush marks). Even though the coated area looks glossy, the surface is not slippery, even when wet. The overall toughness, durability, and weather resistance of Enamo Grip’s polyurethane enamels, make it the ideal choice for demanding product applications and for architectural maintenance situations that require the utmost in exterior durability.

Omega Fire™

Omega Fire builds extra fire safety into virtually any structure. As a ceramic-loaded, water-borne fireproofing coating, Omega Fire stays intact above 1100°C and has a 2-3 hour fire rating. Omega Fire is unique to the industry. It is not fragile and, because of the specialized ceramics, it will continue to insulate against extreme heat migration during a direct or indirect fire. Whatever the surface, Omega Fire is able to offer extreme heat insulation through any substrate coated and it is designed to stay intact with constant adhesion above 1100°C.