SUB-BUOY-SMB™ Subsurface Mooring Buoys

Product Overview

Specifically engineered for shallow and surface uses typically associated with marine and maritime applications, our range of marine buoyancy modules and products has been designed to ensure best in class products for each respective application.

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  • Marine Buoyancy
  • Marine Buoyancy
  • Marine Buoyancy
  • Marine Buoyancy
  • Marine Buoyancy
  • Marine Buoyancy
Technical Specifications
Description Specification
Buoyancy Depths Surface to Syntactic
Design Life 25 Years
Material Subthane™
Fasteners Super Duplex UNS S32760
Primary Colour Yellow
  • Surface to shallow water application
  • Bespoke and modular construction
Mooring Buoys

Our range of mooring buoys include all standard configurations including rigid through chain buoys, inflatable ball deployments, rod mooring buoys, bar buoys and dhan buoys.

Navigation / Data Buoys

Subsea Energy Solutions can manufacture a range of navigation buoys and data buoy platforms suitable for a multitude of uses including shallow water applications, typical for river or lake installation and associated monitoring through to larger 4m platforms suitable for exposed offshore environments. Typically the core is manufactured from Closed-Cell Polyethylene (PE) Foam and coated with a durable, flexible and abrasion resistant Polyurethane (PU) Elastomer Skin. The PE core ensures that buoyancy is retained if the tough PU skin is punctured.

Marker Buoys

We manufacture a range of marker buoys covering a multitude of applications including lakes, inner harbours, rivers and sheltered water locations. There are 10 different configurations available as standard which can range from 0.6m-1.5m.

Chain Support Buoys

We offer a number of self fendering, abrasion resistant chain support buoys. Our standard configurations include : Swivel eyes top and bottom, Through-Chain, Pick up buoys.

Anchor Pendant Buoys

Our robust and durable anchor pendant buoys are designed to operate in the harshest of marine environments. The buoys are coated in a durable, abrasion resistant Polyurethane Elastomer and constructed from a Polyethylene foam core which is cast around a central steel member, along with several internal load distribution plates.

Floating Fenders

Our floating fenders are versatile, robust and suitable for almost all applications. The manufacturing process allows for virtually any size of fender to be constructed and selecting the appropriate grade of foam core and elastomeric skin means the performance of a fender can be precisely gauged to meet specific specification requirements.

Modular Buoyancy

Our Modular Subsea Buoys are designed to be robust and durable with the polyethylene skin giving the modular subsea buoys a tough exterior that protects the buoyancy core during handling and deployment. The buoy flotation core varies in density and performance to suit each individual project water depth, with the modular nature of the design allowing the net buoyancy to be adjusted to suit each individual application. Suitable for a multitude of applications including mooring, weight compensation and installation of subsea equipment.








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