Polyurethane Processing

Specialists Within The Industry With Proven Track Records

With over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing and supply of Polyurethane products to the Subsea, Oil & Gas and Renewables markets our team of in house professionals have extensive knowledge in the design and production of polyurethane elastomers. By employing the very best talent within the industry, we have built a strong team who can find a solution for the most challenging of projects whilst maintaining the utmost of quality and performance.

Advanced Production

All of our Polyurethane production is undertaken in house by our skilled team of professional technicians. We have invested in the building and setup of a new factory, specifically catering for all of our Polyurethane production, equipped with modern machinery and production processes, allowing us to design, develop test and deliver our products with maximum efficiency and to the utmost of quality. 

Bespoke Moulding & Tooling
Subsea Energy Solutions operate a full tool making facility capable of developing tooling specific to some of the most complex Polyurethane products. We design and CNC manufacture mould tooling for production and prototype moulding. Tools can be manufactured from ureol tooling boards, cast aluminium, aluminium billet, Steel or we can also make tools from GRP Resin.
Syntactic Foam Production

Drawing upon our extensive experience within the offshore Polyurethane products market, Subsea Energy Solutions have in house capabilities in relation to the manufacture and associated product development using monolithic and composite syntactic materials made from a combination of spheres, liquid epoxy resins (matrix material) and re-enforcing fillers. These materials are cured, or finished to produce syntactic foam with specific characteristics. The key ingredients in syntactic material are micro macro or nano spheres which are hollow glass spheres with a diameters ranging from less than a strand of human hair to a ping-pong ball sized object. When encased in epoxy resin, or matrix material, the strength of the sphere is multiplied allowing them to withstand the high pressures associated with deep ocean environments. Spheres are more effective in terms of tolerating the pressures of isotactic forces than other shapes. Subsea Energy Solutions are capable of engineering products suitable for use at depths of upto 5,000 meters. Typical applications of such composite foams are surface buoyancy, umbilical floats, flowline buoyancy and ROV buoyancy.