SUB-HANG™ Topside Hang-Off Clamps

Product Overview

SUB-HANG™ Topside Hang-Off Clamps provide a structural support between the riser or umbilical and the outer J-tube. Systems can also be supplied with a seal module that provides full sealing capability in the annulus between the riser and the J-tube. The SUB-HANG™ Topside Hang-Off Clamps is fitted with a continuous housing that is preinstalled prior to riser pull-in. Once the pull-in is complete Subsea Energy Solutions service engineers perform the final assembly of the unit. It is essential to perform a seal verification test prior to leaving the worksite. 

Designs are subjected to third party verification and a factory acceptance test that verifies both load holding and sealing capability in a test rig that simulates all offshore conditions.

Product Images
  • Retro-Fit Hang-Off Clamp

  • Sub Hang
  • Sub Hang
  • Sub Hang
  • Sub Hang
  • Sub Hang
  • Sub Hang
Description Specification
Design Forces To Suit Project
Design Life As Required
Riser Size (mm) Upto 508 mm (20”)
J-tube Size (mm) Upto 1,016 mm (40”)
Material Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Super Duplex (NORSOK Coated)
Fasteners Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Super Duplex
Primary Colour White
  • Continuos or split design
  • Clamp on cable armour wires or cable outer body
  • DNV Norway approved
Clients & Track Record
Ref. Clients Specification
P-1265 CNOOC / CCOOEC Subsea Technology / Ningbo Orient Wires & Cables Co / Wenchang 9-2/9-3/10-3 Gas Development Project
P-1309 Lukoil / CNGS Group / 16V0777 Y. Korchagin Field / Russia / Development 2nd Stage Wellhead & Offshore Ice Fixed Platforms
P-1557 London Array / EDS Group / VBMS / London Array Turbine (G15 / F15)
P-1580 Robin Rigg / E.ON / EDS Group / Robin Rigg Turbine (Temporary External & Internal Clamps)
P-1715 London Array / EDS Group / Boskalis / London Array Turbine (Array Cable & CPS Replacement Project)
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