Testing & Calculations

Real World Simulation & Performance Validation


Using state of the art industry standard, engineering software, Subsea Energy Solutions have facilities and in-house experience to provide full simulation testing and engineering calculations of all systems or products developed. We subject all of our designs to full simulation and real world testing, ensuring our products are engineered to your exact specification and tested to withstand their in-environment uses throughout their specified product life. We ensure all designs and associated manufacturing processes are simulated and tested in our virtual environments prior to any manufacturing taking place, ensuring that when the product is delivered, it is best in class and exceeds clients expectations. 




Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Finite element analysis (FEA) is the modelling of products and systems in a virtual environment, for the purpose of finding and solving potential (or existing) structural or performance issues. FEA is the practical application of the finite element method (FEM), which is used by engineers and scientist to mathematically model and numerically solve very complex structural, fluid, and multi physics problems. Our Finite Element Analysis (FEA) capabilities allow us to analyse new or existing designs in order to optimise their performance. Building on our experience we can engineer out high stress regions or increase differential pressure ratings before parts are manufactured for testing, ensuring the products we deliver are 100 % fit for purpose.

Advanced Simulation

As part of our product design and manufacturing processes, using state of the art, industry standard software, we are able to simulate real world environments and their associated factors in relation to our product designs. Allowing us to test and simulate the behaviour of our products with regards to criteria such as fluid flow, heat transfer, fluid forces, drop test analysis, thermal structural analysis, vibration analysis, frequency and resonance analysis, linear stress analysis, structural analysis or a combination thereof. During our own internal manufacturing processes we are able to simulate advanced factors such as the behaviour of plastics during injection moulding processes with respect to a specific mould type or design. Allowing us to refine every aspect of our products and their associated manufacturing processes before a single item is even created.  

Destructive Testing

Used in cases whereby the completed manufactured product is required to be tested to the extent of absolute failure, our destructive testing ensures completed products are designed and built to operate within and beyond their manufactured tolerance, simulating in-environment use with forces being placed up to and beyond the engineered failure load until the product suffers a catastrophic failure.