SUB-CLAMP-SWIVEL™ Swivel Subsea Clamps

Product Overview

SUB-CLAMP-SWIVEL™ Swivel Subsea Clamps are utilised within specific subsea applications where there is a requirement to control cables in a desired subsea midwater column location. Swivel Subsea Clamps are used for clamping onto cables, umbilical’s, risers, flowlines, hoses and thermoplastic composite pipes. Swivel Subsea Clamps are a bespoke product designed, manufactured and tested specifically to suit the requirements of each project.

Product Images
  • Sub Clamp Swivel
  • Sub Clamp Swivel
  • Sub Clamp Swivel
  • Sub Clamp Swivel
  • Sub Clamp Swivel
Technical Specifications
Description Specification
Design Forces To Suit Project
Design Life As Required
Cable Size As Required
Material Carbon Steel (NORSOK)
Fasteners Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Super Suplex, Inconel, Titanium
Primary Colour Yellow
  • Bespoke designs for bespoke applications
  • Topside installation
  • DNV Norway approved