SUB-HEAD-R™ Pull-In Heads Rigid

Product Overview

SUB-HEAD-R™ Pull-In Head Rigid are highly engineered to provide a lifting point for an umbilical pull-in operation through a loose radius j-tube.

Product Images
  • PO-1610-SES-014-011
  • PO-1610-SES-012-068
  • Sub Head Rigid

  • Sub Head
  • Sub Head
  • Sub Head Rigid
Description Specification
Design Forces To Suit Project
Design Life As Required
Cable Size (mm) As Required
Material Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Super Suplex, SubthaneTM 801
Fasteners Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Super Suplex, Inconel, Titanium
Primary Colour White or Yellow
  • Rigid Design
  • Continuous Design
  • DNV Norway approved