SUB-FAIRINGS™ Lower & Upper Tether Fairings

Product Overview

The Deep Green power plant converts renewable energy from tidal and ocean currents into electricity by way of a novel principle, somewhat similar to the posture of a wind kite. The kite assembly, consisting of a wing and turbine, is attached by a tether to a fixed point on the ocean bed. As water flows over the wing, the water current creates a lift force on the wing which pushes the kite forward. The kite is steered in an 8-shaped trajectory by a rudder and reaches a speed 10 times the water current speed. As the kite moves, water flows through the turbine and electricity is produced in the gearless generator. Deep Green consists of a wing, which carries a turbine and a nacelle. By means of a rudder, a servo system and a control system the kite is steered in its predestined trajectory. The struts are connected to the tether which attaches the kite to a swivel fastened to a foundation on the seabed. The 110 mtr long tether has two functions; to work as the force-bearing element designed to withstand the high loads created by the wing and to accommodate power cables out from the generator and communication cables for the control system. For optimal performance the tether has a fairing in order to minimise the overall drag of the device.

Product Images
  • Sub Fairings
  • Sub Fairings
Technical Specifications
Description Specification
Design Forces To Suit Project
Design Life As Required
Material Subthane™ 801
Fasteners Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Super Suplex, Inconel, Titanium, Aramid, Nylon 66, Nylon 12, Nylon 11, PPS, PEEK
Primary Colour Yellow
  • Compression & abrasion resistant
  • Rapid preparation & installation