ExxonMobil Hebron

Project Challenge

Subsea Energy Solutions were informed by Kiewit-Kvaerner Contractors (KKC) that company had an immediate requirement for 02-off cylindrical subsea buoyancy modules for the ExxonMobil Hebron Gravity Based Structure (GBS) project.

Subsea Energy Solutions project challenges were three fold;

  1. Design bespoke buoyancy module for subsea use
  2. Accommodate mid-project changing technical specification
  3. Delivery to Newfoundland, Canada within 2 weeks
Project Solution

Subsea Energy Solutions set to work producing design drawings for approval by all parties concerned.

Upon receipt of approval a 1.5 week project schedule remained for manufacture and delivery.

Subsea Energy Solutions were contracted to provide the following equipment;

  1. Supply 2.2 Te double skinned buoyancy module for 35 m water depth and project design life of 5 years.
Project Outcome

All equipment and accompanying documentation were delivered to Newfoundland, Canada on the date required by client.

Subsea Energy Solutions understand all equipment was mobilised and successfully installed subsea.

The ultimate objective of the operation was to ensure the Hebron Gravity Based Structure (GBS) risers remained neutrally buoyancy with the near surface / mid depth zone.

The project was considered 100 % successful by all parties concerned.