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Equipment - SUB-HANG™ Topside Hang-Off Clamps
Equipment - SUB-HANG™ Topside Hang-Off Clamps

Project Summary
Subsea Energy Solutions has successfully ensured the engineering, manufacturing, testing and delivery of 81 SUB-HANG™ Topside Hang-Off Clamps.

Solution Details
Each clamp was designed for a safe working load of 5.0 Te (with a 20 Te proof load) around a 12” nominal diameter J-tube.

Close collaboration with the client at the outset allowed SES to hit the ground running and work within the necessary parameters in order to attain the high standard of quality that we demand from every project.

Robert Farrell, lead project engineer at SES said, “This project has yet again demonstrated SES’ ability to perform at a high standard whilst under the demands of a short lead-time. I personally look forward to replicating this successful outcome, with the client in the near future”.

For more information on Subsea Energy Solution’s SUB-HANG™ Topside Hang-off clamps capabilities please contact our engineering team.