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Equipment - SUB-PIGGY™ Piggyback Clamps
Equipment - SUB-PIGGY™ Piggyback Clamps

Project Summary
Subsea Energy Solutions have recently delivered on another project including a bespoke implementation of our Subsea Umbilical Piggyback Clamps and associated strapping systems.

Solution Details
The clamps were designed for installation in the splash and subsea zones incorporating a Split Gab requirement, as requested by the client. The end to end process included, all aspects of engineering design, full product documentation, mould production and tooling, product casting, client inspection and associated qualification and full testing of the components.

We offer a wide selection of solutions with regards to our SUB-PIGGY™ Piggyback Clamps product, along with the ability tailor any solution to your individual project requirements. For any further information around our SUB-PIGGY™ Piggyback Clamp solutions, or any of our other products or services available, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.