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Equipment - SUB-BUNG-OWF-T™ Topside Oval Grouting Bungs
Equipment - SUB-BUNG-OWF-T™ Topside Oval Grouting Bungs

Project Summary
Subsea Energy Solutions successfully deliver 81 off Topside Oval Grouting Bungs on time and within budget to a new client.

Solution Details
Our client required a slight bespoke variation to the standard design of our SUB-BUNG-OWF-T™ we have delivered to many Subsea Windfarm’s in the past, this time around these seals were manufactured to allow our client to fill the Monopile with grout rather than vent. Initial product designs were completed and approved with the units being successfully manufactured and delivered within budget and project timescales.

Another happy Client who we wish to work with again in the near future.

We offer a wide selection of solutions with regards to our SUB-BUNG-OWF-T™ Topside Oval Grouting Bungs product, along with the ability to tailor any solution to your individual project requirements, as we did in this case. For any further information around our SUB-BUNG-OWF-T™ Topside Oval Grouting Bung solutions, or any of our other products or services available, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.