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Equipment - SUB-CENTRALISERS™ Finned Centraliser Clamps
Equipment - SUB-CENTRALISERS™ Finned Centraliser Clamps

Project Summary
With close cooperation, effective project management and efficient work processes Subsea Energy Solutions have been able to provide a package of Finned Centraliser Clamps under an extremely urgent time frame.

Solution Details
Our client required a package of finned hinged centralisers for instalment in Australia. Our design team thrived off the pressure and was more than up to the task. With close cooperation and clarity at the design stage production went smoothly and the product was delivered to the client in time for installation.

Paul Boddy, Director at Subsea Energy Solutions, stated “SES has been working hard over the last few months to ensure our product quality is upheld to the highest possible standard. We understand that time frames can be extremely demanding, therefore we work hard to make sure our project management enables our production to operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible. I believe that it is projects such as this one which exhibit our ability to operate effectively under high pressure whilst maintaining quality, ultimately helping our clients meet demanding deadlines”.

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