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Equipment - SUB-BRS-S™ Split Bend Stiffeners
Equipment - SUB-BRS-S™ Split Bend Stiffeners

Project Summary
Headed by our design engineer Daniel, Subsea Energy Solutions has successfully designed and produced a set off split bend stiffeners for offshore hose application.

Solution Details
Due to the temporary nature of the product the design for the split bend stiffened needed to be dynamic whilst maintaining overall competence. It was decided by our team to include grooves in the design which would house multiple strapping bands running the length of the product. This allowed our client to remove the bend stiffener quickly at will, whilst also maintaining sufficient tolerance to prevent over bending.

Daniel Petherbridge led the project from start to finish and was more than pleased with the outcome, he said that it was a simple project but nevertheless it needed due care and attention to ensure the product was fit for purpose.

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