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Equipment - SUB-VBR™ Vertebrae Bend Restrictors
Equipment - SUB-VBR™ Vertebrae Bend Restrictors

Solution Details

Within this project the client had a requirement involving two blow-out preventer (BOP) control pods. BOP’s are used to seal, control and monitor oil and gas wells to prevent blowouts.

Prior to coming to SES the client had tried some more primitive technical solutions which were unable to deal with the loads applied, resulting in damage and a kink local to the interface.

SES were approached to provide a fully engineered solution that not only provided bending protection, but also added rigidity using our SUB-FLEX™ cable protection system.

Subsea Energy Solutions were able to offer pretty much any colour, and the client picked both a yellow and a blue system allowing the two systems to be clearly identified under water.

The SUB-FLEX™ cable protection systems were more than capable of controlling the loads and the project was deemed a great success delivered for the client.

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