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Subsea Energy Solutions provides SUB-BUOY™ Buoyancy Modules
Subsea Energy Solutions provides SUB-BUOY™ Buoyancy Modules

Delivery Date: June 2020

Solution Details

Subsea Energy Solutions (SES) have successfully completed the delivery of distributed buoyancy modules (complete with internal clamps) for a major European client, producing a new design which saves significant lifetime cost and environmental performance through its innovative design.

Each of the clamps accommodated two separate hoses, so SES designed a rectangular profile which could be interchangeable. This means that the buoyancy internals can be altered to suit different size hoses, so clients do not have to purchase a complete new tool to accommodate similar sized applications in the future. This saves significant lifetime cost and also reduces the potential waste of redundant units, making our clients more environmentally conscious through clever design.

The complete system was designed, made and delivered within 12 weeks. Good communication between SES and client to ensured delivery was achieved in advance of mobilisation date despite international logistics delays caused by Covid 19.

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