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No job too big or small for Subsea Energy Solutions
No job too big or small for Subsea Energy Solutions

Delivery Date: December 2020

Solution Details

Subsea Energy Solutions (SES) are well known for producing some of the best offshore equipment available and working on major international projects, but we also do small stuff too. 

This was a project to produce 08-off, Polyurethane Disc, 105 mm OD X 51.15 mm ID X 12.7 mm Thick, using Polyurethane 70ºA which is both soft and clear.
This solution was designed from scratch to work with the client’s current equipment and to fit their exact specifications.

This project proves the flexibility of the engineering team at Subsea Energy Solutions and our ability to adapt to custom projects.

All manufacturing was completed during 2020 whilst operating under COVID-19 restrictions.

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