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Subsea Energy Solutions (SES) complete successful project in mining sector.
Subsea Energy Solutions (SES) complete successful project in mining sector.

 Subsea Energy Solutions (SES), a global equipment manufacturer for the offshore energy industry, has completed a recent project in the mining sector.
Subsea Energy Solutions were approached by a prestigious client in the mining sector to provide a solution to a maintenance problem they had. This particular mine extends out across several miles under the sea bed and seawater is used as part of the cooling system in the mine, which branches out across a complex pipe network.
In order to perform planned maintenance, the client required the sea water input ports to be plugged for an extended duration. It was then that they approached Subsea Energy Solutions.
The SES solution for this was a diver installed vertical intake shaft seal; with the equipment to be designed, manufactured and pressure tested by SES.

The seals, 23" in diameter, were made out of a soft polyurethane so that it could expand significantly when activated to cover a high tolerance range. A stainless steel top & bottom plate were incorporated, but the main body was made out of polyurethane to keep the weight in water as low as possible.
The client visited SES Head Office in Catterick, North Yorkshire with 2 divers to perform a system integration trial using a mock-up of the real life scenario the divers would be facing. All parties were extremely pleased with how easy it was to install the seal and the actual function, providing proof of function and before going subsea.

All manufacturing was completed early 2021 whilst operating under COVID-19 restrictions and the client was extremely pleased with the solution.

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