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Subsea Energy Solutions (SES) complete successful project in Russia
 Subsea Energy Solutions (SES) complete successful project in Russia

Subsea Energy Solutions (SES), a global equipment manufacturer for the offshore energy industry, has completed a recent project in the Caspian Sea.
SES were approached by a well-known Tier One company to produce bespoke equipment which was needed for two projects, both with specific needs.

Within the package of equipment this included SUB-SEAL™ J-tube Seals, SUB-HANG™ Topside Hang-Off Clamps and multiple sets of SUB-VBR™ Vertebrae Bend Restrictors, including FAT.

What made the project unique was the evolution a new SUB-SEAL™ J-Tube seal design which would be diver activated, but also passive. The innovative design also included a bell mouth stop, and activation by torquing up the rear bolts, ensuring complete safety of the diver in the process and avoiding any pinch points for the diver.

Within the SUB-HANG™ Topside Hang-Off Clamps, the client also required innovation with the requirement for the clamp to hold three separate cables, not one, which is the industry standard.

For this the client chose SES due to the company’s ability to produce bespoke solutions at short notice.

SES also designed a product that allowed the client to connect a compressed air system to the SUB-HANG™ Topside Hang-Off Clamp to de-water the j-tube through a drain tube in the j-tube seals, which are to be permanently (35 years) plugged after de-watering operation is complete.

Manufacture, test and inspection in six weeks production time and was delivered two weeks early.

All goods were certified to 3.2 EN 10204:2004 by Russian Maritime Register for Shipping (RMRS) who witnessed pressure test FAT on j-tube seals and SIT on topside hang-off clamps prior to shipping.

Philip A.R Stanyon, Company Founder & Technical Director said: “This was a great package of equipment for a prestigious client and it was a pleasure to be able to use our innovative thinking to solve some of the unique items of the project."

Paul Boddy, Director at Subsea Energy Solutions, said: “We pride ourselves on having a global business and we take great pride that even clients as far away as Russia, who would choose suppliers from anywhere in the world, choose SES."

The project was completed in Q2 2021.

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