Emergency-Quick-Disconnect (EQD) Manifold Skid System

Product Overview
Designed as a solution to mitigate risks involved with vessel black ship, drift off, loss of DP and adverse weather conditions, Subsea energy solutions have experience in the design and production of complex subsea Emergency Quick Disconnect (EQD) systems.

Our EQD solutions can integrate gimbals, swivels, running tools and guidance posts to assist and overcome operational factors such as alignment, side loads, pull out angle, overpull and ejection.

Product Images
  • Emergency Quick Disconnect Systems
Description Specification
Load Tested 15.0 Te
Pressure Tested 1,035 Bar / 15,000 PSI
EQD Skid Weight 3.0 Te
EQD Skid Ballast Weight 4.0 Te
Hydraulic System 50.8 mm / 2.0”