Offshore Wind Farm Cable Lifting Quadrant

Product Overview

Suitable for offshore lifting supporting the cable with a minimum bend radius of 3.2 m over rollers. The inside width of the quadrant is 300 mm which is a clearance for the export cable. 

The cable bend is supported on free running plastic rollers, with sealed bearings for immersion upto 30 m water depth. The lifting eye will support a load of 8 Te including the self-weight of the quadrant and the weight of approx. 70 m of export cable. The lifting eye is placed centrally relative to the cable trough. 

Further eyes for pulling the quadrant along the deck rails are available on the centreline of the unit base. Two eyes for tripping bridle connection are available on the bottom of the base beam. The lifting quadrant has four saddles that will ride on the deck rails ensuring the quadrant travels safely along the deck to the overboarding chute. The quadrant interfaces with the overboarding chute and it’s maximum diameter must fit between the sides of the chute.

The unit is totally immersed to max. 30 m water depth.

Product Images
  • Offshore Wind Farm Cable Lifting Quadrant
Description Specification
Supported Minimum Bend Radius 3.2 m
Inside Width 300 mm
Immersion Depth 30 m
Supported Load 8.0 Te